Sunday Pancake Brunch

For some reason Sundays seem to be made for pancakes. Yesterday was no different. I love using unconventional pancake recipes, and since my mother accidentally picked up some flavored Chobani Greek yogurt at the grocery store (I usually eat plain Fage Greek yogurt), I decided to try this recipe for Greek yogurt pancakes. Finally I managed to follow the recipe precisely–and it paid off! I made four small pancakes, and I added blueberries to the mix once they were in the pan. Afterwards I topped them with banana slices and syrup. Yum! I was impressed by how dense and filling this meal was. Greek yogurt pancakes = new Sunday tradition.

After brunch, my mother and I headed out to do some grocery shopping. My family doesn’t usually shop at Whole Foods because the vast majority of their products seem to be ridiculously overpriced (“Whole Foods, whole paycheck”). However, yesterday my mother and I decided to make an exception and check it out. We ended up with a few products that are harder to find in regular grocery stores like our local Market Basket.

I was excited to finally find chia seeds for overnight oats (second time’s the charm?) and flax seeds that I will hopefully add to smoothies.

Vegetarian lentil soup! Can’t wait to try this.

Dates because even though they look gross supposedly they’re yummy? And I really want to try this recipe.

Essentials from Market Basket: my beloved Greek yogurt, almond milk, and tofu.

I somehow managed to convince my mother to buy this. Usually protein powder is so expensive but this tub was only $9.99 at Market Basket. Score!

After a quick Whole Foods trip, my mother wanted to stop at Chipotle, so I decided to go for it and order my current fave–a burrito bowl with brown rice, a small portion of black beans, fresh tomato salsa, guacamole, roasted chili-corn salsa, and romaine lettuce. It sounds like a lot of food but it’s meatless so I actually always end up eating the entire bowl. I washed it down with unsweetened ice tea garnished by a ridiculous amount of Chipotle’s fresh lemon wedges.

 Do you have any Sunday traditions?



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